Bosnia: Republic of Srpska PM meets IMF delegation
Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Aleksandar Dzombic met in Banja Luka with the delegation of the International Monetary Fund Mission led by Mr. Ron van Rooden, Chief of the Mission.   

During the meeting as part of the first review of the Stand-by-Arrangement, IMF representatives noted that the Republic of Srpska fulfilled all tasks from the Letter of Intent.  IMF Delegation was interested to know how the implementation of further objectives progressed and whether the goals set for this year would be met by the end of December.  The delegation also inquired on the pace of adoption of the RS Economic Policy and the Budget for 2013. Prime Minister Dzombic pointed out that the Republic of Srpska was committed to designing the Economic Policy and the Budget for 2013 in accordance with the Letter of Intent and stressed that the aim was to make a credible budget that would be feasible and would fulfill the fiscal goals of the Republic of Srpska.

Source: Government