Dragan Najdoski, owner, Izo Staklo DOO Prilep, (FYR) Macedonia

Dragan Najdoski, owner, Izo Staklo DOO Prilep, (FYR) Macedonia


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Dragan Najdoski, owner, Izo Staklo DOO Prilep, (FYR) Macedonia

Balkans.com - 17.06.2010

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Balkans.com: Where does your company operate in the region?


Dragan Najdoski: The field of our activities is (FYR) Macedonia where we have operations in the construction industry, the industry of laminated glass and windshields, then Kosovo - mainly in the construction industry (structural facades and laminated glass), and North Greece-also with structural facades, laminated glass and a small part with windshields trade.


Balkans.com: Could you please tell our readers, what services and products do you offer to your clients?


Dragan Najdoski: Izo Staklo is a stable company with high performances and more various activities, and it is completely approving in all of them.

- In the field of civil engineering  we offer production of aluminium  frames glassed in structural facades, or insulated, and  laminated glass.

- Also I would like to mention that Izo Staklo is the only company which is producing windshields, flat tempered glass, and bullet-proof glass  of 33mm thickness (with attest), in (FYR) Macedonia.


Balkans.com: What do you think about Iso glass and car industry in region?


Dragan Najdoski: Izo Staklo ( Iso Glass) is a daughter-company of the mother-company Sigurnosno Staklo AD, so I think that we have a tradition and potential for this business. Sigurnosno Staklo AD was a famous company for production of windshields for buses of Sanos make, for Zastava cars, and for tempered glass, in ex SFRY.

We have proceeded and improved  this tradition, widened it with more activities that may bring the spirit of the new time. I see our company as the main producer of windshields in our region, together with some of the car producers.


Balkans.com: How would you sum up your performance in the last year?


Dragan Najdoski: Our investment in new glass processing technology brought  us the expected results.  Last year, which was the year of the economy crisis, we increased our production and our profit by 30%. This is very important for us, for the realization of our business plan this year.


Balkans.com: What goals have you set for the year ahead? Do you foresee growth in your business sector?


Dragan Najdoski: We know that we are working in turbulent times for our country, because (FYR)Macedonia is not in EU yet, but we focused and fixed our activities in the area of Balkan Peninsula.  It is clear that when (FYR)Macedonia join  EU, our business sector will grow, which is an imperative for any company. But right now it is not a handicap for us. This year we are planning a new investment in glass processing machinery, to complete our production equipment.


Balkans.com: Who are your competitors in the region and elsewhere?


Dragan Najdoski: In our region ( (FYR) Macedonia, and the closest area) there are not any producers of laminated and tempered glass, and any producers of windshields. We find our competition only among the importers of this kind of products. We would like our government to make some changes in this sector, to protect production, not only our production, but any sort of manufacture in Macedonia.  This is the only way our country can become economically stronger.


Balkans.com: Which industries or sectors do you find most promising in terms of growth and sustainability?


Dragan Najdoski: I think that (FYR)Macedonia, as young and industrially undeveloped country, offers a great opportunity in any industries and any business sector. Maybe there are some difficulties in the beginning, but that is like everywhere.


Balkans.com: Our readers are investors already present or about to launch a business in the region. What advice do you have for them?


Dragan Najdoski: The government of (FYR)Macedonia has a great strategy for foreign investments.  Our market is

“hungry” for new capital,  and people are kind and hardworking . I think that business winds are on our side (I mean on the side of investors either foreign or domestic).  Our job is to make good use of this opportunity.


Short company profile:


IZO STAKLO DOO Prilep is a company for production of laminated, tempered and insulated glass, windshields, and aluminium and PVC frames.


It was established in 1990, as a daughter company of Security Glass AD, the famous company in ex SFRY. It was successfully privatized and right now it is a privately  owned company.


The factory covers an area of 17000 m2, and has 50 employees. During the last five years the company has been  investing in modern manufacturing equipment which has opened new perspectives of the company, and made it possible  to expand the sell abroad.


Our business target: To be the main producer of windshields and laminated glass in our area.




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