A New Signal in the Noise of How we Buy or Sell Homes and use Real Estate

You’ve heard this story before. Person wants to look for a house or an apartment. They look at the noise of Craigslist, look at print real estate notices, use apps to track listings, make notes, impressions, lists, more lists until they either give up the search as hopeless...

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A New Signal in the Noise of How we Buy or Sell Homes and use Real Estate

Galoo Press - 27.12.2012

You’ve heard this story before. Person wants to look for a house or an apartment. They look at the noise of Craigslist, look at print real estate notices, use apps to track listings, make notes, impressions, lists, more lists until they either give up the search as hopeless or become too worn down to make a decision.


That scenario represents the way real estate was done yesteryear. Here’s a rewrite of this now: Person finds a few likely prospects selling homes that seem suitable and needs to get some real details, a feel of the seller and negotiate a price. Having established first contact, further discussion takes place in a private chat room.


This is like having a chat, over coffee, in person. With discretion guaranteed questions are answered quickly and accurately, misunderstandings are cleared up and negotiations are based on a much clearer understanding of the buyer’s and seller’s situations. A sale is agreed quickly and both parties are left satisfied.


Implausible?  Not if you use Galoo.com.


Disrupting the Real Estate Industry


Galoo has broken into the scene with a totally disruptive transactional model that redefines value. In any kind of real estate transaction the final cost is augmented by a built-in wastage coefficient. Because traditional real estate transactions, whether buying or selling, renting or letting, require a significant length of time, contact, meetings and effort to find the right buyer, there is cost factored into the final price that takes it into account. 


Galoo brings together highly motivated buyers with sellers ready to sell. It does so in a totally discreet environment where personal contact can be made and frank, online discussions can take place. This lowers the timeline between advertising a listing, finding a buyer and closing the deal. The savings in time for both buyer and seller translate to mutual savings in cost, but it does not stop there.


Real Estate transactions are further inflated by fees which are passed along the chain of contacts. The cost of advertising a real estate listing, for instance, is absorbed in the first instance by the realtor who will then factor it into his fee. Galoo provides a level, transparent environment. There are no hidden fees. There are no escalating costs. There are no additional charges.


Buyers have nothing to pay. Sellers pay a small fee if they are successful in the sale.


This is redefining the value of real estate transactions, releasing the true value of each property, largely unencumbered by the numerous other costs that get added to the price.


Not Just For Private Individuals


The beauty of Galoo’s system for selling and buying is that it disrupts the traditional approach to real estate regardless of whether you are a private individual or a realtor with dozens of houses to sell.


Because the system unleashes value for both sides, those who sell as well as those who buy, those who let as well as those who rent, it creates a true win-win scenario, helping both buyers and sellers save time and money.


The big question in any big-ticket transaction is discretion. When a buyer or a seller think that what they say is public the grounds for negotiation become a lot smaller. This is perfectly understandable. When you are unsure if a current deal in the making is going to succeed, you go out of your way to avoid affecting the chances of any other future deal that’s based on what you say.


With discretion guaranteed Galoo establishes a level of communication that in itself is revolutionary. It encourages a more authentic contact and a greater degree of honesty and transparency between negotiating parties.


Find Out What’s of Real Value to You


With common ground established quickly real estate negotiations in the Galoo, proprietary environment have an entirely different dynamic. Both parties here look at how they can mutually agree so that they can both save.


The savings made by each are then added into the value chain of the final price creating an entirely new notion of value. This is how it works: Person finds house to buy. They get in touch with seller and make an offer. Discreet negotiations begin. The seller explains their terms for accepting that offer. The buyer considers them and explains their own.


Within a short period of time, both parties have agreed on a price they are comfortable with. In reaching it, both factored in the speed and reliability of the transaction, the honesty of the other party, the disclosures that created trust and the fact that there are very low fees involved in Galoo. When they complete the transaction they both are left with a sense that they have won a great deal for the time they invested. In explaining what they were each really looking for in order to close the deal they found that they were able to gain more than if they had engaged in traditional haggling.


This is groundbreaking. The Galoo approach turned what is a traditional push-pull transaction that resembles a tug of war into a cooperative exercise with both parties focused on what they can do to achieve the same goal.


Value Has a New Name


This kind of approach requires a new mindset. A buyer wanting to buy a mansion for a dollar, for instance, is an approach that belongs to the 20th century and its notion of hyper-inflated costs and win-lose transactions.


Galoo helps establish a new sense of value by focusing on what is truly valuable and by changing the mindsets of the past. A buyer who does not understand the fact that realtors also need to make a living is unlikely to find common ground with one. A realtor who fails to grasp that buyers look for real value is unlikely to make a sale.


The fact that Galoo is helping both sellers and buyers reach an agreement is testament to the fact that the world is slowly changing. The new world of the connected economy is making us see things differently, behave differently, make purchasing decisions differently. Signal, now, is more important than noise. Value, in this world of new-found clarity has a new name, and we at Galoo are happy to be part of this change.  



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