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Interviews by Country:
Professor Francesco D’Auria University Of Pisa Speaker at Nuclear Power Plant Life Management & Extension 2015 As Chairman of the Joined Boards of Professors in Nuclear Engineering among other distinguished achievements and appointments, can you please tell our readers about the challenges and accomplishments that exist in Nuclear Power Plants?

Professor Francesco D’Auria: Challenges for NPP:
1) Demonstrating (to the public) that they are safe enough
2) Demonstrating that the nuclear waste problem is a no-problem
Ivaylo Ivanov Inter Expo Centre Mr. Ivanov, can you please tell me more about the BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL exhibition show and its significance to the region?

Mr. Ivanov: BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL happens to be one of the oldest ongoing exhibitions in the portfolio of Inter Expo Center. Featuring a history of almost half a century, it became a 
Romania,Bulgaria,Croatia,Slovenia,Cyprus,European Union,Greece
European Fund for Strategic Investment
1. What did the Commission propose today, what are the elements of the proposal?
Answer: The European Commission adopted the legislative proposal to put in place the European Fund for Strategic Investments, which is at the very heart of President Juncker's €315 billion Investment Offensive. The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) 
Mr. I Made Dana T. Vice President; Director of Corporate Affairs, External Affairs, Production Logistic Control, & Legal Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia You are speaking at the event Indonesia Refining and Petrochemical Summit, Can you please tell us more about the event and its significance? 
Mark Hodgson, VP, Business Development and Deputy General Director of Bankers Petroleum Albania
Bankers Petroleum, today, is the largest E&P Company in Albania, contributing almost 40% of the country's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), investing over $1.4 billion in its Albanian operations over the past ten years. 

Their main asset in Albania, Patos-Marinza, is Europe's largest onshore field. By focusing on implementing international standards for environmental, health and safety practices, Bankers has been able to remediate much of the pollution and contamination left from previous operators over the 85 year life of the field.

Bankers Petroleum is a gold sponsor of this year's Balkans and the Adriatic Oil & Gas Summit and IRN has secured an interview from the company to give you some pre-summit insights that will enhance your Summit experience.

Nikola Vucicevic * Founder of May is full of many exciting startup events in Serbia. ( On May 9th will be the second startup weekend in Belgrade among other events taking place. Serbia is starting to make a lot of progress in the startup scene with a lot of new companies and ideas are blossoming. What is your opinion on the startup scene in Serbia?
Joanna Papapostolou *Marketing & Community Manager -

Balkans: As an online handmade marketplace, that goes beyond e-commerce, can you tell us more about the handmade marketplace and what MISI’s philosophy is?


Handmade creations are made with love and have that special personal touch of the crafter making the gift. Handmade items are part of a country and part of a culture. They are the result of the creativity of a person.  


One of the amazing aspects of handmade is not only that each item is unique, but each item can be personalized to the taste of the buyer.

Evgenia Karadjova CEO at ESRI Bulgaria
 Evgenia Karadjova is a pioneer in the introduction of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Bulgaria and recognized authority in the field of Geoinformatics, she is a member of the Board of Association for Geospatial Information in Southeast Europe (AGISEE) and the Bulgarian Association for Geospatial Information Systems (BAGIS). Ms. Karadjova is also a founder of AFCEA Bulgaria, a member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Association of Cartography and a member of the Legislative Committee to Management Board of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies.
Mr. Moris REVAH, Managing Executive at Türkel Fair Organization Inc.
 Mr. Moris REVAH, Managing Executive at Türkel Fair Organization Inc., answered our questions regarding Eurasia Rail- 4th International Rolling Stock, Infrastructure and Logistics Exhibition which will be organized for the 4th time in Istanbul Expo Center on March 06-08, 2014:
Baybars Altuntas, Dragon of Dragons’ Den and co-author of Planet Entrepreneur by Wiley, New York
“It doesn’t matter if you are from the Americas, Europe, Asia, or Africa; the world is waiting for your good ideas." 
Baybars Altuntas, Dragon of Dragons’ Den and co-author of Planet Entrepreneur by Wiley, New York
Pauline Inglis, owner PaulinesPassions
This week we had the pleasure of entering the creative world with an interview with PaulinesPassions. She is a truly inspiring artist; she makes amazingly looking wishing cards for every occasion and holiday!

Let's see what she told us:
Romania,Bulgaria,Slovenia,Cyprus,European Union,Greece
Yves Mersch, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB
Any signs of fragmentation diminishing?

Certainly. It is visible in the sovereign spreads. There is less divergence. The number of banks accessing markets is going up. But there is still a long way to go. We think establishing a complete banking union would help along that way.
Milan Ducic , Project manager in S&T Serbia As S&T Serbia is a consulting, integration and outsourcing services company providing innovative IT solutions, can you tell us more about the IT landscape in Serbia?
Kliton Gerxhani Co-Founder and Administrator at Albania Holidays DMC, Tourism Consultant and Ex President of Albanian Tourism Association The summer season is nearing the end, as a destination management company for Albania, can you tell our readers how Albania tourism has developed this summer?

Kliton Gerxhani: This summer was a bit specific in Albania, due to elections we had in June, which took a bit of attention as they are very important to us. Therefore we cannot say this year was better to the last one, besides few investments in the road infrastructure especially the tunnel which connects Tirana to Elbasan and the east part of Albania, which now shorten the distance  and improve the comfort of traveling. What countries are the main percentage of tourists coming from?

David Amerland - Founder, SEO / Social Media Consultant and Author of Google Semantic Search
 The web is changing and the behaviour of the online population is changing with it. Behind the familiar desktop field box of Google’s search a new intelligence is beginning to grow and it’s learning everything it needs about yourself and your business.


The semantic web is an old idea whose time has finally come. First articulated by the inventor of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, as far back as 2004, it has taken over a dozen years to get to the point where it can become a reality. But now that it is here there are some very real questions that need to be asked on the way it affects business and marketing.




David Schoch * President and member of the BOD Serbian Private Equity Association --- Founding Shareholder and member of the BOD Orion Telekom Serbian Private Equity Association was formed in 2010, please tell our readers what is SPEA’s mission and what has been accomplished so far.

David Schoch:
SPEA’s mission is to act as an advocate for private equity and venture capital, and be a forum for all the firms and professionals active in the Serbian private equity market.
SPEA’s vision is to be the focal point for all companies and individuals in the Private Equity and Venture Capital landscape.
SPEA strives to increase the awareness of the private equity industry in Serbia, by developing educational programs, delivering a series of professional networking events, conducting and publishing insightful research and by promoting best practice.

In terms of accomplishments to date:

Since the beginning of 2011 we have hosted, co-sponsored and participated in over 20 industry events.  SPEA has been actively involved in providing speakers and mentors at key private equity events in the country and has hosted a number of high level events.  

Mr. Leiv Svenning, Head of Telenor Broadcast Services in CEE You must have a lot of experience being with Telenor for over 40 years, where do you see the Broadband TV market heading?

Leiv Svenning: There has certainly been plenty of change and I fully expect this trend to continue. At the top level and obviously speaking generally in the CEE I am expecting to see more growth in linear channels and an accelerating trend in HD services, which are attractive to viewers. I also expect to see more on demand services, particularly “catch up” services which are proving to be highly attractive in the marketplace. There will be more and more video and obviously much of this will be delivered using broadband connectivity.

Mr. Milos Rajsic, Business Development Director at DCG, Serbia The real estate market has had some rough times in the past couple of years.Can you tell us the importance of your coming Real Estate event and how it will benefit the real estate sector in the region.

Milos Rajsic: BelRE is one great marketplace where real estate, land and projects are sold, and where you can find valuable information on how to invest your capital effectively. At BelRE, you can sell or buy an apartment in a modern residential block, rent a space in a green building, buy agricultural land, start your own production in an industrial zone or invest in renewable energy - not only in Serbia, but in the whole region. Belgrade is the natural geographical centre of the region, and BelRE has succeeded in positioning itself as the most significant B2B event in this part of Europe.
Mr. Vukasin Stojkov - An activist, entrepreneur, designer. Bent on kickstarting the Serbian startup ecosystem As an advocate of startups in Serbia, can you tell our readers about the importance of generating a startup ecosystem in a country?

Vukasin Stojkov: Economy is one of the pillars of any society, and the future of economy is without a doubt based on technological innovation transforming and upgrading almost all economical activity.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia Your Royal Highness, Startup Weekend is a global initiative for organizers to create weekends in order for entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs to share ideas, form teams and launch startups. Can you tell us why you thought it was a good idea to bring the initiative to Serbia?

HRH Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia: In order for Serbia to move ahead, everyone needs to unite to create opportunities. As part of my education initiative, I thought this would be a brilliant way to launch an entrepreneurship initiative through this program within my education foundation. Did you know that roughly 80% of participants in startup weekend plan to continue working with their team after startup weekend and that 5000 startups have been created just because of this global initiative.

Mr. P. Chatzaras, The owner of Brillant S.A. Sewing Threads Industry Over the past 15 years, the industry has experienced dramatic changes in Greece. Could you highlight the main factors which contributed to developments that resulted in the current situation?

Mr. Chatzaras: The gradual elimination of the subsidies by the Greek government, due to EEC regulations, forced a lot of factories to bankruptcy, because they depended solely on the subsidies and not on their profit and as a consequence they did not make in time the necessary investments to cut their costs, to become more organized, more efficient and also they did not use modern techniques in marketing.

Ms. Vedrana Likan, Managing Director of Colliers International Croatia As the Managing Director of Colliers International Croatia, please introduce your company to our readers.

Vedrana Likan: Colliers International is a global company for real estate business with 12.300 employees present in 62 countries through more than 522 offices. Colliers Croatia was founded in 2004 and since then holds the place of market leader in Croatia. We provide a full range of real estate services to users, owners and investors on a local, regional and international level.
Mr. Jovan Madjovski, General Manager of CEED in FYR Macedonia You are the General Manager of Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) in FYR Macedonia. Could you introduce your company to our readers?

Jovan Madjovski: The mission of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) is to provide entrepreneurs and their executive teams the know-how and networks they need to accelerate the growth of their businesses and to promote an entrepreneurial culture in the broader society. With on-the-ground centers in Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, (FYR) Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, new centers in Armenia and Bangladesh, and new outreach activities in 2013 to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland and Turkey, CEED promotes private sector development, assists the growth of SMEs, creates jobs, and contributes to economic stability.

Mrs. Branka Pavlovic, CEO of Societe Generale Montenegro You are the CEO of Societe Generale Montenegro. Could you introduce your company to our readers?


Branka Pavlovic: Societe Generale Montenegro (ex Podgoricka Banka) is for already seven years subsidiary of Societe Generale Paris. Our new modern recently purchased HQ building is situated in business part of Podgorica while our 20 branches are positioned in all 14 major towns in Montenegro. The bank has tradition of more then 100 years and with market share of 12% represents one of the leading banks in the market.
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Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe law firm
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Replast S.A. Thessaloniki Greece
Banzhaf Jorg
ECE Projektmanagement International G.m.b.H
Baybars Altuntas
Baybars Altuntas, Dragon of Dragons’ Den and co-author of Planet Entrepreneur by Wiley, New York
Berna Ulman
Visa Europe
Bitzer Jorg
Blanchetete Eric
Findomestic Banka; French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce
Bojan Jankovic
Serbian Investment & Export Promotion Agency, SIEPA
Bork Costin
Lafarge BFC
Bozhilov Nikolai
Unimasters Logistics
Branka Pavlovic
Societe Generale Montenegro
Bugarski Branislav
Vojvodina Investment Promotion Fund (VIP)
Capralos Spyros
Hellenic Exchanges Group
Cecile Marcy Dimitrijevic
Avel Yachting
Cornea Corina
Business Information Systems (BIS)
Damianou Chris
Eurofast Global
Dan Lupu
Intel Capital
Danica Radisic
Krazy Fish
Daniela Schreiber
Hoehner Research & Consulting Group GmbH (EuPD Research)
Dario Lazić
Divinita d.o.o.
David Amerland Founder and Author of Google Semantic Search
David Schoch
Serbian Private Equity Association - Orion Telekom
Diana Klein
Dimitrios Lakasas
Dimtsas Vasileios
By Nature
Dr Uroš Merc
BISOL d.o.o.
Dr. Alexander Zachariou, Commercial Director
Heliosphera S.A., Greece
Dr. Matthias Jochem
Hitachi Power Europe Đuro Horvat
Agrokor vina doo
Dragan Najdoski
Izo Staklo DOO Prilep
Dragan Pavelic
Strabag Serbia
Dušan Petrović
Basketball Club Superfund BasketPlus, Belgrade
Dukic Djordje
Central Office for Business Communications and Marketing in European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry in Brussels
Emir Pilavdžić
Pik doo Sarajevo
European Fund for Strategic Investment
European Union
Evgenia Karadjova
ESRI Bulgaria Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Fabio Del Grosso
Western Union
Tunisia Air
Fleming Europe
Fleming Europe
Fleming Europe
Fleming Europe
Fleming Europe
Fleming Europe
Geoffrey Manley
African Development Bank
Ghonos Georges
McCain Greece
Giamouridis Anastasios
PFC Energy
Goran Cvijetic, General Manager
Nbgteam web solutions
Gortzis Antonis
European Business Ethics Network – EBEN
Gregor Veselko
Luka Koper
Haciaturian Garabet
Algotech International
Hansjorg Roll
MVV Umwelt
Heiko Ross
Windreich AG
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia
Royalty paves the road for business in Serbia
Horatiu Cercel
SC Concefa SA
Horvat Zvezdan
ASEE (Adizes South East Europe)
HRH Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia
Royal Family
Δημήτρης Λακασάς
Πρόεδρος Συνδέσμου Εξαγωγέων Βορείου
Igor Lukšić, PhD.
Government of Montenegro
Ivan Mišetić
Croatia Airlines
Ivana Jovanovic, ESS & TS Marketing Manager
Hewlett-Packard d.o.o.
Ivaylo Ivanov
Inter Expo Centre (IEC)
Jairo González Monje
Jelena Dimitrijevic Gajic
Marble Team advertising and promotion
Jelica Minic
Regional Cooperation Council
Jeremy Rifkin
Foundation of Strategic Thinking
Jesovnik Peter
Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investment
Joanna Papapostolou -
Jorrit Hachmer
Jovan Jovanović
Danos in Alliance with BNP Paribas Real Estate
Jovan Madjovski
CEED in FYR Macedonia
Jovkovic Aleksandar
Urban Bug Magazine
Kai Behrens
Hotel Bristol Sarajevo
Kambourides Miltos
Dolphin Capital Partners
Katarina Jakovljevic
HRH Crown Prince Alexander
Katerina Kotsonis
Kliton Gerxhani
Albania Holidays DMC
Knoll Paul
George A. Callitsis Succsrs S.A.
Koussia Venetia
Manpower Greece
Labovic Ranko
UniCredit Bank a.d. Banjaluka
Lajovic Tomaž
BSP SouthPool
Lascau Iulia
Euroglobal SEE Audit Limited
Lefkowitz Kennet
New Europe Corporate Advisory (NECA)
Leiv Svenning
Telenor Broadcast Services
Lekan Zdenko
Konsing Group
Levente Szélyes
Lutz Landwehr
Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)
Maho Taso
Maja Stevkova Sterieva
Komercijalna banka AD Skopje
Marija Oreski
Slovenian Business Club
Mark Hodgson, VP, Business Development and Deputy General Director of Bankers Petroleum Albania
Bankers Petroleum Albania
Marko Šantić
Massara Gaetano
GE International
Massourakis Michael
Alpha Bank Group
Matej Mutis
Matjaž Rakovec
Triglav Insurance company
Matt Russell
Meghan Sapp
Meier Roland
TeleTrader Software AG
Mete Guney
MasterCard Southeastern Europe
Mihajlovic Slobodan
Blok 67 Associates
Milan Ducic ,
Project manager in S&T Serbia
Milan Ilić
Key2Montenegro property management
Milorad Katnić
Minister of Finance of Montenegro
Milos Djurkovic
Milos Rajsic
Dynamic Communications Group
Mirko Miščević
Aquatis d.o o. Banja Luka
Mitroi Alex
Mladen Pejković
Vipnet, Croatia
Monika Nowotnik
Frost & Sullivan
Türkel Fair Organization Inc.
Mr Armodios Yannidis
Yannidis Group – Vitex
Mr Božidar Potkonjak
Božić i sinovi
Mr Mario Petrović
Millenium PR, Croatia
Mr Marko Turina
Ulusal Lojistik & Antrepo Hizmetleri
Mr Miroslav Savanović
Mr. Andrej Mertelj
Datalab Tehnologije,d.d.
Mr. Dragan Vrankić
Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mr. Hugh McReynolds
JSC Carnex Vrbas
Mr. I Made Dana T.
Vice President; Director of Corporate Affairs, External Affairs, Production Logistic Control, & Legal Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia
Mr. Ilir Aliu
ProCredit Bank
Mr. Matjaž Klipšteter
Futura PR d.o.o.
Mr. Michel Brule
Talents & Associes company
Mr. Miroslav Tešić
Turbina IPD-Vertical axis wind turbine technology
Mr. Slobodan Puhalac
Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Republika Srpska (Bosnia)
Mr.Gunnar Mitterbauer
Lafarge BFC Serbia Dubravko Žigman
NetAkademija, Croatia
Ms. Madalina Papahagi and Mr. Trimor Mici
World Bank
Nikola Jankovic
Jankovic Popovic Mitic Law firm
Nikola Vucicevic * Founder of
Nikola Vucicevic * Founder of
Novakovic Vladimir
Apatinska Pivara
Nuriona Sokoli Berdica
Deloitte Albania
Ognian Donev
Sopharma AD
Oliver Corlette
Porto Montenegro
P. Chatzaras
Brillant S.A. Sewing Threads Industry
Panagiotis Spyropoulos
Inform P. Lykos S.A.
Papapostolou Nicos
Papapostolou Group
Pascal Payet-Gaspard
International Stainless Steel Forum
Pauline Inglis
Petalas Apostolos
Fourlis Group
Petar Knezevic
Petar Knezevic:
Power Plants Nikola Tesla
Peter Sutherland
The president of the Trilateral Commission’s European Group and Managing Director of Goldman Sachs International
Poul Ruben Andersen
Predrag Vraneš
S&T Serbia
Professor Francesco D’Auria
Nuclear Power Plant Life Management & Extension 2015
Prokovic Svetlana
Radovan Jelasic
Governor of the Central Bank of Serbia
Raffi Kujumdgian
Haycad Engineering
Rajsic Milos
Dynamic Communications Group
Ravin Maharajah
Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa
Rea Mark
Gardiner & Theobald
Resnik Aleš
Robert Cooper
Political Advisor
Romano Prodi
Prime Minister
Sanfey Peter
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Satoru Kurosawa
JICA Balkan Office
Slavtcho Neykov
Energy Community
Spiro Nicholas
CEE Regional Investment Team
Stanek Damjan
Stefanovic Djordje
FC Red Star
Stela Dhami
Colliers International Albania
Stergiotis Antonis
Club Hotel Loutraki S.A.
Susan Petty
AltaRock Energy
Susanne Höhenberger
Airberlin group
Thomas Roubas
Dionic SA
Tim Yeo
Energy and Climate Change Committee - UK Parliament
Tom Klausen
former World Bank president
Trnovec Robert
S&T Slovenija
Trpkovic Andjelko
Belgrade Fair
Turk Dejan
Vasilescu Andrei
Philip Morris Bulgaria
Vedrana Likan
Colliers International Croatia
Vladimir Cvetkovic
Vidra Plus
Vranes Predrag
S&T Serbia
Vujicic Srdjan
King Sturge
Vukasin Stojkov
Weiss Christina
Management fur Immobilien AG (MFI)
Werker Cameron
U.S. Embassy Belgrade
Yasemin Erseven
Ramada Istanbul Taksim
Yazici Cansel
REAG Turkey
Yves Mersch
European Central Bank (ECB)
Zizzi Perry
Clifford Chance
Zrinko Kamber
Valamar hotels & resorts