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Serbia - Telecoms, IT, Electronics, Media & Internet, Marketing & Advertising, European Union
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Date: 12-01-2010. - By Administrator Please briefly present Nbgteam to our readers.


Goran Cvijetić: The team was founded in 2002. Today we have the experience and we are able to develop web and desktop applications of various levels of complexity, using various technologies.

We seek open communication with our clients, accurate and fair agreement. Our philosophy is appealing, high quality and useful product - a satisfied client - a long-term cooperation. Do you foresee growth in your business sector. If so, why?


Goran Cvijetić: It is almost inevitable. Today, the vast majority of businesses are a subject to promotion via Internet. Some businesses’ profits may even be significantly affected by direct sales via Internet. Actually, the best approach to a serious enterprise is the combining of marketing activities in a traditional manner and the Internet.


The figures speak for themselves. ComScore reports $29.1 billion in U.S. retail e-commerce spending for full November-December holiday season, and it’s up 4 percent vs. year ago. (See report here )


But still, online shopping is a new concept in most of Balkan countries. For example, in Serbia there is only one bank through which it is possible to establish e-commerce business. But their criteria for the implementation of e commerce business are too high for small and medium business, and as an individual it is impossible to start anything, although in developed countries it is completely normal and acceptable. According to Bank Intesa, you must be a legal person or legal entity founded by the realization of income in the previous year of operations of a minimum 500,000 Euros, which is ridiculous.  On the other hand, companies are unprepared for this type of business. Knowledge in the field of Internet marketing, combined with traditional ways of promotion and marketing within the presentation, is very low. Investment in promotional activity is low, and market researches and tracking trends almost do not exist.


There's a big hole in the market. Currently our team is working on market research, competition research and detection capabilities. In parallel, we launched the development of interesting systems, intended for use in mass market. In the next period, our team will try to capture a good starting position in the race, which will be followed by breaking the monopoly of that one bank. Which industries or sectors do you find most promising in terms of growth and sustainability?


Goran Cvijetić:  The cards have already been dealt. There is not enough room for all the big players. Almost all large companies and investors are already present in Serbian market. But there is a lot of space for small and medium business, regardless of the industry.  Government should help the development of small companies, offering tax breaks and benefits, so they can compete with big businesses. Although the government representatives brag on this issue, in reality they did almost nothing. Corruption still exists, it is almost impossible to get a loan to start a business. Everything still comes down to politics, no real plan and support. Our readers are investors already present or about to launch a business in the region. What advice do you have for them?


Goran Cvijetić: Last years, I noticed a very unpopular trend.  Debts between companies are large and frequent. Foreign companies have begun to behave in a Serbian way. Contractual obligations are not so important, payment for products or services are processed at the end of the year or when you must. I know for many of these cases, some may even be qualified as blackmail. I don't want to point to anyone, but believe it or not, the foreign companies are the leaders in such operations, these days. It is one of the main problems, not only in Serbia but in the entire Balkan region. Who are your competitors in the region and elsewhere?


Goran Cvijetić: In Serbia, there is indeed a small number of firms, which offer a full service in graphic and web design. When I say web design, I mean lot of things like web development, internet marketing, analyzing visits, etc.  But most of the clients in Serbia are simple in terms of demands.


In the global market, India is identified as a leading country. Companies get outsourcing projects from foreign clients. There are many companies offering their services and at the same time are very aggressive. The offer is tremendous, but the quality is a huge problem. Indian companies that offer quality work and that can be trusted are no longer cheap. Nevertheless this is one of the best ways of selection if you want to do business with one of these companies. I don't really see Indian companies as competitors to us. What is your latest project?


Goran Cvijetić: Very soon we will launch our new product “Creator” that will be available in 3 different versions. Creator software is conceived for professional and personal users that need web content management system (CMS ) and search engine optimization. Creator is user friendly and gives you total control over your website.



Misi Vallo
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