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Imagine all your social networks in one place. Updating multiple social networks with only one app. Simultaneous posting on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin - Social Media Tool -

World - 21.02.2013. - By 

Imagine all your social networks in one place. Updating multiple social networks with only one app. Simultaneous posting on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin - Social Media Tool




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SELLERS:Register for free to receive buyer requests! Selling Products and Services on Galoo is simple and easy, it is cost effective and generates more customers for continuous purchases! -

Albania,Montenegro,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Romania,Bulgaria,Serbia,Croatia,Slovenia,Cyprus,Turkey,F.Y.R.O.M,Greece - 11.08.2011. - By 

Buyer requests at your virtual doorstep! Our virtual,online market delivers the best in savings and satisfaction for everyone. Go to to see what buyers are asking for. It's all about Galoo! 

Germany opening its doors to workers from newer EU states -

World - 27.04.2011. - By 

Germany's opening of its doors next month to a potential influx of hundreds of thousands of workers from newer EU states is unlikely to have much impact on growth or wages except for the lowest earners.

Nuclear power plants could float in the future-Analysis -

World - 18.04.2011. - By 

A tsunami-crippled nuclear power plant might give some countries pause over the risks of exposing reactors to the power of the oceans. Not Russia.

The World Experience on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources and Waste Management-INTERVIEW -

Bulgaria - 10.04.2011. - By 

Bulgaria will welcome experts and business leaders from over 30 countries involved in green energy and waste management sectors. They will participate in the 2 leading b2b events: 7th Congress and Exhibition on EE & RES and the Conference & Exhibition 'Save the Planet' (13 -15 April, IEC - Sofia).


The speakers D. Sweet, Vice President of the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE), USA and Dr. Chindarat Taylor, Director, Resource Efficiency Pathway, UK were kind to answer our questions:

Travel and nuclear physic replace investment models in the world- ANALYSIS -

World - 21.03.2011. - By 

Put away the machines and bring back the humans. Wall Street is setting aside its algorithms and complex models and turning to experts for clues on how to make money in an uncertain world, turned upside down by Japan's disaster and Middle East uprisings.

Demand in crude and product Tankers still high despite bleak outlook -

World - 17.03.2011. - By 

One year ago, the tanker orderbook stood at 132 million DWT – today it totals at 118 million DWT. The total orderbook is down by 11% over the last year. Even though new contracts are being signed at a steady pace, that pace remains slower than that of newbuildings being delivered.

ANALYSIS: Privatisation – what does SEE still have to offer? -

Albania,Montenegro,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Romania,Bulgaria,Serbia,Croatia,Slovenia,Cyprus,Turkey,F.Y.R.O.M,Greece - 12.03.2011. - By 

After approximately two decades of transition, privatisation is pretty advanced across the region and more or less complete in many sectors of the economy. Nevertheless, there is still a privatisation agenda of some sort in all SEE countries. The process has largely stalled in the past two years, because of reluctance to bring politically sensitive companies to the market on the one side, and lack of confidence of international investors on the other. However, with modest signs of an economic upturn now apparent, the time may once again be appropriate to reinvigorate the process. This note outlines briefly, on a country-by-country basis, some of the major assets that still remain to be sold, and the current plans (if any) for their sale.


2011 Predictions; The cyclical recovery will continue, but at a less-than-normal pace -

World - 08.03.2011. - By 

A tug of war is taking place in the markets, with crosscurrents of good economic reports on the positive side and a continued rise in oil prices from the conflicts in the Middle East on the negative side. Last week, US equities were up modestly, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising 0.33% to 12,169, the Nasdaq Composite advancing 0.13% to 2,784 and the S&P 500 adding 0.10% to close at 1,321. 
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